Agnee Ghosh is a journalist based in India covering gender, health, environment, and culture.

Meet Agnee

I am a freelance journalist based in Kolkata, India.

I love writing about gender, environment, health, and culture. My work has appeared in BBC Future, NPR’s Goats and Soda, Atmos, Vice, South China Morning Post, The Globe and Mail, AFAR, Women’s Media Center, TRT World, The National News, Whetstone Magazine, and in many other publications.

I have reported on India’s COVID-19 policies such as, What’s India’s COVID-19 Crisis Got to Do With Climate Activism?, In India’s COVID-19 Crisis, Social Media Does What Government Won’t, and ‘He Left Me All Alone In The World’: India’s COVID Widows Struggle To Survive.

Before my journalism experience, I did my Master’s in English at Jadavpur University, India. My years at university primed me for a career in writing and researching obscure and exciting topics. My master’s degree in English provided me with a solid foundation in such areas as persuasive writing, critical thinking, effective communication, reporting, and attentive listening.

In addition, I’m a freelance writer for B2B SaaS, ecommerce, and MarTech companies, where I write long-form content such as blog posts to boost conversions, increase sign-ups and drive awareness of brands. 

As a Dalit journalist, one of my interests in pursuing a career in journalism was to give a voice to the marginalized and the downtrodden people of our society.