Meet Agnee

I would have laughed if you had said to me five years ago that I would be a journalist with bylines in the BBC, NPR, and Vice. 

Five years ago, I was aspiring for a job in government services in India. That didn’t work out, unsurprisingly. But I used my five years of study in polity, economy, and governance to shape my understanding of the world. 

I have reported on India’s COVID-19 policies such as, What’s India’s COVID-19 Crisis Got to Do With Climate Activism?, In India’s COVID-19 Crisis, Social Media Does What Government Won’t, and ‘He Left Me All Alone In The World’: India’s COVID Widows Struggle To Survive.

It still gives me such a thrill to see my name in digital and print publications such as BBC Future, NPR Goats and Soda, Vice, Ms. Magazine, Atmos, and South China Morning Post, among others.

Before my journalism experience, I did my Master’s in English at Jadavpur University, India. My years at university primed me for a career in writing and researching obscure and exciting topics. My master’s degree in English provided me with a solid foundation in such areas as persuasive writing, critical thinking, effective communication, reporting, and attentive listening.

In addition, I’m a freelance writer for B2B SaaS, ecommerce, and MarTech companies, where I write long-form content such as blog posts to boost conversions, increase sign-ups and drive awareness of brands. 

As a Dalit journalist, one of my interests in pursuing a career in journalism was to give a voice to the marginalized and the downtrodden people of our society. 

Some highlights:

I have been a guest speaker for a class on “Caste and Mental Health” at Georgia State University, USA, where I spoke about my article for Vice, “I’m Dalit. This is How My Caste Impacts My Mental Health.

I have also been featured in a Vice article titled, “What Coming Out of the ‘Caste Closet’ Was Like For These People.” I spoke about what it felt like “coming out” as Dalit in India, where your caste identity still matters today in 21st century India.