The Tiger Widows of India Conserving the Mangrove Forest Where Their Husbands Died

In the Sundarbans, the tiger is king. In its shadow stands the Sundari tree, an endangered mangrove. The Frontline talks to a group of women whose husbands were killed by tigers and is now conserving these trees to protect the forest where their partners were lost. | Atmos

India draws lessons from polio eradication initiative

The programme to eradicate polio shows that mass immunisation is possible in India. | Gavi

The race to find India's hidden languages

Between 1961 and 1971, thousands of languages vanished from Indian census data. One man decided to track them down, before they were lost forever. | BBC Future

'He Left Me All Alone In The World': India's COVID Widows Struggle To Survive

When Pooja Sharma, 35, lost her husband, Manmohan, to COVID-19 during India’s deadly second wave, she was devastated. | NPR Goats and Soda

What’s India’s COVID-19 Crisis Got to Do With Climate Activism?

The COVID-19 surge across India has killed hundreds of thousands. The country’s long-standing air pollution crisis may be playing a role. Local climate activists are calling for change. | Atmos

Lifting vaccine patent protections is the surest way to end the COVID-19 pandemic

My parents read aloud depressing news about the collapse of India’s health care system, which is overwhelmed with desperately sick patients and lacking essential supplies. As the drama is swirling around us, my frustration is growing that a common sense way out of this crisis is being blocked by Western countries such as Canada. | The Globe and Mail

I'm Dalit. This is How My Caste Impacts My Mental Health.

My Scheduled Caste identity has been like a placard hanging around my neck, making me an easy target for ridicule and even hatred among upper-caste friends and colleagues.
| Vice

Facial Recognition Is Out of Control in India

The country’s use of biometric data against activists and “hooligans” paints a grim picture of how the technology is threatening human rights.
| Vice

India’s all-women frontline defence against COVID-19 are now locked into a fight for fair pay

ASHA workers have been a lifeline for rural communities in the pandemic. Now they’re demanding better pay and working conditions | gal-dem

In India, was a high-profile sexual assault case let down by poor policing and victim-blaming?

A journalist took eight years to bring her alleged rapist to court, only for him to be acquitted over discrepancies and delays in the collection of evidence | South China Morning Post

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Why Modi must swallow his pride and accept Chinese coronavirus vaccines

Chinese vaccines are readily available and can be stored at normal temperatures, which suits India and other developing countries | South China Morning Post

Much Ado About Dessert

Since 2015, West Bengal and Odisha have been locked in a fierce fight over who owns the beloved rosogolla | Whetstone Magazine

Curry In Vietnam: A Story Of Colonization And Assimilation

From India to Vietnam, curry takes on a life of its own depending on who cooks it. | Vietcetera

Proposed Islamophobic Two-Child Policy Threatens to Harm Women of All Faiths in India

On July 11, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India, unveiled a proposed law to slow population growth in the state through a two-child policy. | Women’s Media Center

New Initiative Documents India's Lost Heritage Sites

A photographer leads a group of young volunteers to build a cultural repository of knowledge centred around the historic landmarks of India. | TRT World

In India, Astrotourism Is Looking Up

The country’s vastness means opportunities abound to better see the stars. | AFAR

Who are the Chitrakars, the singing artists of India's Naya Pingla Village?

The hamlet in West Bengal is renowned for its Patuas, residents who combine painting and singing in a unique artform | The National News

In India’s COVID-19 Crisis, Social Media Does What Government Won’t

Ramya Srinivas felt anxious when the second wave of coronavirus hit India. She wanted to do something but obviously, stepping outside to assist wasn’t an option. So, she started volunteering with the Indian Civil Liberties Union (ICLU), where she signed up to help verify the leads she saw on social media about hospital beds. | Bitch Media

'Love Jihad': The Dangerous New State Propaganda Against Muslims in India

On November 1, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, announced that he would introduce a strict new law to curb “love jihad,” an Islamophobic conspiracy theory against interfaith marriages, which alleges that Muslim men lure non-Muslim women into converting to Islam by seduction. | Women’s Media Center

Mohammed Dilawar: A Superhero for the House Sparrow

The humble house sparrow’s population was seeing a steep decline for decades, until an ecologist decided to do something about it. | Round Glass Sustain